• Silent auction through October 13th 5pm
  • Live auction Friday, Oct. 14th beginning at 5pm in person and via Zoom using the chat feature for bidding, and showing the merchandise with a roving camera in the building.

Join us for the Live Auction on Friday, Oct. 14th beginning at 5pm.  The many interesting items will be displayed that afternoon at the church, and auctioned off live with David Sligar as our auctioneer. Check your email for the Zoom link.

Live auction catalog may be viewed online by clicking the link or downloaded using the button:

Marge Keip’s lovingly hand made “Entire Village”
Rachel Winters’ handwoven scarf

The silent auction is open through 5pm October 13th

When it closes you will receive an e-mail from “32auctions” telling you which items you have “won” and how much you owe.  You will be able to pay either via PayPal directly on the auction site or by sending a check to the church.  After 10/15 we will contact you to make delivery arrangements, if needed, for all of your new purchases.  If you live out of the Grants Pass area we will be happy to make shipping arrangements with you.

Here’s your silent auction link:

Steps to Bid in the Silent Auction:

1. Open the link to the UUGP Silent Auction provided above.

2. Click on the “Create an Account” link and set yourself up as a Participant with your email address, name and password. (Your email address and name are for UUGP Auction use only.)

3. Click on an item you like.

4. Scroll down to read the description and begin bidding.

5. Enter your bid and click “place my bid.”

Contact the Auction Team at auction@uugp.org  if you’d like one of us to help with this set-up and walk through your first bid.

After you begin bidding you will be notified by e-mail whenever someone outbids you.  That way you can stay on top of each item you are interested in. Good luck, and Have Fun!