Our RE (Religious Exploration) program

is held on the FIRST and THIRD Sunday of each month


All children are WELCOME!
We promote acceptance of all in a safe environment

For more information contact RE@UUGP.org

Children sit with their parents in the service for the Welcome and Announcements, Chalice Lighting, and singing of the first hymn. Then, the congregation sings “Go Now in Peace” as the children file out with the RE Program staff to their own program held in the Meeting Room. In our classroom, we will light our own Chalice, hear stories, learn about the UU Principles for Kids, and make some arts and crafts.

Seven Principles for UU Children:

Each person is important.
Be kind in all you do.
We’re free to learn together, and search for what is true.
All people need a voice.
Build a fair and peaceful world.
We care for our planet Earth.

The theme of each session relates to one of these seven principles, which mirror the adult versions. These themes are expressed through stories, discussions, music, and art. We emphasize the importance of the individual, and many activities develop self-worth as well as the enjoyment of working harmoniously in a group.

We also explore the religions and cultures of other countries. If there is a celebration going on somewhere else in the world, we are likely to join in.