The Mission Statement of our Unitarian Universalist congregation is to:

Inspire life-long personal and spiritual growth,

Embrace diversity, and

Nurture well-being, peace, and justice throughout the community.

As our “Can Do Congregation” prepares to move into another year and work together to continue fulfilling our simple but mighty mission, we ask you to consider pledging again this year. 

We thank you for your many contributions this past year, in terms of your time, your talents and your treasure, which have made it possible for us to move ahead in many ways to further our mission.  We have collectively inspired the life-long personal and spiritual growth of each of our members, friends, and many others who we have touched during the year, in one way or another.  We have embraced diversity, in our acceptance of our neighbors and friends who have found solace in our services and other activities.  We continue to nurture well-being, peace and justice throughout our community in everything we do, both here in church and in our secular lives. 

Early in 2022, we hope to return to regular hybrid services, opening our building to in-person attendees again after almost two years of isolation.  We are also working to bring in another Intern Minister along with our SOUUP partners in Ashland and Klamath Falls.  Our Outreach opportunities are many including; offering a back-up cooling center next summer, and a gathering place for Trans Teens, among other ideas.  These concepts will enable us to continue fulfilling our Mission and strengthen our UU presence locally. 

Stewardship is an important part of our mission.  Our pledges enable us to continue welcoming everyone who enters our doors for whatever reason.  By pledging, we all help the Board prepare our budget for next year with confidence that we will be able to continue fulfilling our mission, meeting the needs of our members and friends, and providing for steady growth and community outreach.  In other words, our pledges help to strengthen our Beloved Community.