Radical Welcome – Hello 2023! (Zoom)

UU is a liberal faith that seeks to offer a radical welcome to all who enter. What a poetic idea but what does that mean? Radical welcome is more than opening the doors, it’s a way of relating that affirms our UU Principles. Let’s explore and imagine how radical welcome can be a part of UUGP’s 2023 journey.

It Takes Courage to Believe

Taylor Stewart, executive director of the Oregon Remembrance Project, will share what he’s learned about courage, unwavering belief, and the power of ordinary people.He will share his story of how an inconspicuous college student found the inspiration, courage, and belief necessary to make an extraordinary difference. Taylor invites his audience to ask the question, “Why not me?”

FocUUs on History: The Tale of Beatrix Potter

If you have visited our sanctuary, you have probably noticed the short bio of Beatrix Potter displayed by the door of our RE room. UUGP member Teresa will give us a peek into the life of this remarkable Unitarian – writer, artist, would-be scientist, business woman, conservationist, and breeder of sheep.