Coming Full Circle (Zoom)

Pastor QuianaDenae will share her coming-out story and many of the lessons she learned since coming out as Black Queer Woman. QuianaDenae’s sharing will attempt to look back and look ahead at this unique moment in time. 

A Personal Credo for Our Times

In our current and escalating culture wars – which are increasingly spilling over into political violence, we must learn to prioritize human connection and the respect that radical connection requires. This sermon will include stories and perspectives that can be challenging for liberals and progressives, but it’s a viewpoint stemming from a personal credo Rev. Landale once encountered, “I will let nothing stand between me and the person in front of me.”

Social Action Team

UUGP’s Social Action Team will be presenting the Service. They will present the proposed 8th Principle, “articulating a commitment to the dismantling of white supremacy within the stated principles of our faith”. They will be sharing on-going activities they are participating in such as our Cooling Center and the Grants Pass Remembrance Project