General Assembly Sunday

We will be watching a recording of our UUA General Assembly 2022 both in-person and on Zoom. Three UUGP members will be attending the Unitarian Universalist Associations annual meeting, including two delegates.

Democracy and the Informed Citizen

As we affirm and promote our 4th and 5th Principles, we rely on responsible journalism to provide us with thoughtful, accurate information about events in the world around us. Popular JPR radio host Geoffrey Riley will reflect on the importance of accuracy in journalism, his experiences as a journalist, and changes in journalism over the past decades that have brought us to where we are today.

Love 2.0

There are a million messages about the importance of love in popular songs, movies/T.V. and woven into our wisdom traditions. We all agree that love is the answer, and all we need is love. However, what does science say about love? Some of the answers explain why the COVID-19 pandemic has been so hard on us and what we can do about it. Elements of the service will be dedicated to recognizing and celebrating Juneteenth.