QuianaDenae Perkins

Spring Visit March 12

Holiday Message

Link to Intern Minister QuianaDenae Perkins’ Holiday Message

Winter Visit Follow-up

Friends, my visit to SOUUP last week was amazing. I got to see so many people and make some great connections across the three communities. As requested, I am sharing the primer from the UU Cornerstone education session.

I’d be happy to discuss further in an my January Open Zoom- Tuesday January 18 3:00-4:00 Pastor QDP Weekly Open Zoom

Intern QuianaDenae Perkins will be in Southern Oregon for her Winter visit Wednesday December 1 through Sunday December 4, 2022.
She has been working with teams across SOUUP to create an interactive, social, spiritual and constructive experience that matches the needs of each community.
 Each community will have a chance to participate in UU Cornerstone, a space to learn more about UU history, theology and future. Grants Pass Gathers on Friday December 2, 2022 and will host an open space for music and poetry. Saturday December 3, QuianaDenae will lead Grant Pass in a Community wide planning session.

Sunday Dec 4 at 11:00 am SOUUP *special time*
everyone is invited to a shared worship service. QuianaDenae will be in Grants Pass for the in person service and the service will be available via youtube livestream.  In this sermon titled, What Are We Growing? QuianaDenae will explore the 8th Principle and Article II Study Commission.

We are all excited for this upcoming visit. It’s a special time for gathering, learning and growing. We hope you are able to join us. Questions can be directed to QuianaDenae at intern.minister@rvuuf.org

QuianaDenae Winter Visit
Friday December 2 Grants Pass Gathers 4:00-6:00 in personThe GP Gathers: open house style event with music and poetry starting around 4:30
Saturday December 3 UU Cornerstone 10:00-12:00 In person
+ Zoom:UU Cornerstone Saturday 10:00 am 
UU Cornerstone: What are the Cornerstones of the UU Faith? What is the UU theological stance? What do UUs believe? This session will explore these topics. No RSVP is required.
Saturday December 3 Community Wide Planning 2:00-4:30 pm in personCommunity Wide Planning: QuianaDenae will lead the community in an assessment and planning session
Sunday December 4 Shared Worship 11:00 *special time in person SOUUP Sunday Service 11:00 amSunday Service: Doors will open at 10:15 for Coffee and Mingle

Open ZOOM Sessions with Intern Minister, QuianaDenae Perkins

Our intern Minister QuianaDenae Perkins will be hosting three open zoom sessions. 

What will happen in the zoom?  

Each session will include an introduction to QuianaDenae and her ministry, a chance for you to introduce yourself and close with some dreaming about the next year. 

Every ZOOM session is open and not designated to any one SOUUP community; come when it works best for you. No RSVP is required.

Questions? Email QuianaDenae at intern.minister@rvuuf.org

Open Zoom Sessions


Tuesday Sept 13 3:00 pm

Tuesday Zoom Link

Thursday Sept 15 4:30 pm 

Thursday Zoom Link

Friday Sept 16 12:30 pm 

Friday Zoom Link

I am your new intern minister QuianaDenae Perkins.

I am originally from Minnesota and currently live in Ann Arbor Michigan. I am the mama bear of two teenage cubs. When I am not driving them around, I love being outdoors- hiking, camping, and nature photography are some of my favorite activities.

At this stage of my ministerial formation, interning for SOUUP is the perfect fit. There is a great deal of alignment between the needs of each community and my skills + desired areas of learning. We are starting from a place of abundance and joy!

Things to know:

  • My general work schedule is Sunday, Tuesday through Friday.
  • My primary work location will be Ann Arbor Michigan in the eastern time zone.
    • (SOUUP 6:00 pm is my QuianaDenae 9:00pm).
  • I can be reached by email: minister@rvuuf.org
  • VISIT: I will be visiting the area Sept 21-25. Please look in your community newsletter for more details on in person events and gatherings.

Where to find me:


Worship Leader

Rogue Valley

Sunday Sept 11 10:30 am


Sunday Sept 18 11:00 am


Sunday Sept 25 TBD

Grants Pass

Sunday Oct 2 10:30 AM

I am very excited about this coming year. I see the potential we have to grow together! In our social justice movement work, in our faith, and our sacred covenant to each other. Thank you for this opportunity!

QuianaDenae Perkins

Ministerial Intern

Southern Oregon UU Partnership