Here one can be Buddhist or Christian or Jewish or humanist or pagan or agnostic or atheist and be UU, too.   For us, faith is inherently personal and interwoven with our life journeys.

Our members are diverse.  We gather to learn from and grow with and care for each other, to deepen our lives and to help heal our world.

Membership is open to any person at least eighteen years of age who indicates an intention of becoming a member. The Membership Committee provides a new member packet and an opportunity to meet and explore facets of membership. Said person then signs the membership register witnessed by 2 or more members. This signature confirms that the signer is now a member with voting rights and is in sympathy with the purpose of the fellowship as stated in our Bylaws’ Article II, and that the signer intends to be an active participant and supports the fellowship financially and/or by service. Voting privileges begin 15 days after signing the register. Voting membership is maintained by active involvement.

Membership Inquiry