Reflections of Summer (Zoom)

Growing up in Oregon, Reverend Dennis always felt the true months of summer were July, August, and September rather than the school break that began in June. Yet, hotter and drier Junes have shifted our sense of season beyond the old Memorial Day to Labor Day boundaries in recent years. As this sometimes easy, often challenging summer season comes to an end, let’s look back at what we experienced and lessons learned and embrace new notions that will serve us well in the seasons to come.

Living from the Heart

Susan retired ten years ago from professionally performing as an oboist in the USA and abroad. She is currently an active member of Natural Way of Living which promotes using the nonphysical spiritual heart to guide us through life. Susan will share some of her experiences in her pursuit to realize the true purpose of life.

Representative Democracy and The Electoral College

Our representative democracy is set aside in every presidential election as the winner-takes-all approach is used instead. We can do better! Equal Voice Voting is an easy way to allow proportional voting on a state-by-state basis to make all votes matter!