Social Justice Sunday

Each month at the UU Fellowship of Klamath County (UUFKC), the chair of their Social Justice Committee, Courtney Neubauer, presents a social justice Sunday worship. This month our shared Intern Minister, Alison Duren-Sutherland, will team up with Courtney to present a service for both UUFKC and UUGP together.

This I Believe

On this Mothers Day, I’ll trace how my faith transformed as I grew up and ponder how what we each believe about ultimate reality is reflected in how we live and parent, so long as we’re paying attention.

MUSIC: Timeless and Timely

Moss Henry, a psychotherapist and singer/songwriter, will explore music with us as a primal expression of the human spirit, a path with heart. He will share some of his songs (one of them we already know), and talk about how he approaches songwriting.