Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Alec Lamoreaux, Operations Manager for the Northwest Seasonal Workers Association – NSWA is an independent membership association of workers in the seasonal industries of agriculture, timber and tourism. Alec will talk about the nuts and bolts of the NSWA, his personal journey toward and through this work, and ways that we can get involved.

7 Generation Planning – Before, Now and Future

David West offers us an invitation to “remember to remember” the wisdoms of those who went before us, and those of us living in the now. How do we prepare for the future – for ourselves, our children, our families and all our relations?

The Three Poisons (Zoom)

According to the Buddhist tradition, there are Three Poisons that keep humans trapped in a cycle of meaningless, painful existence–which is known as “samsara”.   Given that our country is in a prolonged state of samsara, what do we need to know about “the three poisons,” and what are the anecdotes?

My Least Favorite UU Joke (Zoom)

There are a lot of very funny jokes about Unitarian Universalism, some of which Rev. Hines has even used in her Orientations for people new to our faith. But there is one that she never repeats. Come learn which one it is, and why she hopes we’ll make it obsolete.

Honoring My Ancestors (and, Am I a Good One?) (Zoom)

Ancestors – everyone has them, and (spoiler alert!) most of them are dead. Euro-American culture isn’t very good at death. We avoid talking about it; we literally kill ourselves trying to postpone it; we expect grief to have stages and then stop; we are so scared of death we’ve perverted the one day each year our ancestors set aside for remembering them, to instead focus on giving children candy and expressing our fear with giant inflatable spiders. JD shares his journey from judging his ancestors to questioning his fitness to be one. As always, science plays a leading role, along with several other faith traditions and cultures.

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