A Morning of Poetry with Gary & Friends

UUGP member Gary Lark, with a little help from others, will lead us in a service to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Our Loving Faith Around the World

Reverend Reynolds spent time this winter with family and friends in South Africa and was immersed in a very different cultural and political milieu that offered opportunities to reflect on how differences and commonalities exist across cultures. Shared values, universal feeling and longings are expressed around the world, and deeply held common values help to inspire action. Let’s explore how a love centered faith can both inspire and sustain us, and how such a faith expresses itself globally as justice seeking.

Forest Justice is Climate Justice

Travel through time to find out what ancient forests have become and how they help regulate Earth’s Climate. How will we preserve their qualities in our modern age so they can accomplish their important attributes? Forest Justice seeks answers to the questions of moral rightness and justice for all living things as we explore the future of our world.

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