Rev. Dennis Reynolds

What We Worship?

The 19th century Unitarian preacher and writer Ralph Waldo Emerson said “A person will worship something, have no doubt about that…  It behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping, we are becoming.“ In our fraught times, his words have new meaning. Let’s explore the why and the how of what we worship as individuals and as communities.

Dew Drop World

Buddhist poet Gary Snyder advises that “This dew drop world is but, a dew drop world / and yet …”  Life is indeed impermanent and ever changing, the skies are alternately filled with sunshine and smoke. The election, on the horizon, offers either a refreshing renewal or fear filled retrenchment, Our hearts and minds move between hope and fear and yet … Let’s explore how we might best find practices and attitudes that ground us in perilous times. 

Grieve, Breathe and Engage

These are difficult times in the USA and around the globe. Corona virus infections, hospital admissions and death rates have continued to increase in many places. Additional excessive violence by the police against people of color has forced many to begin to respond to the realities of our country’s racial history. Perhaps this disruption-filled time may provide an opportunity to birth new possibilities. We need to acknowledge the pain before we prepare to begin anew.

Angels In America

We all have heard about angels, those supernatural benevolent beings who serve as intermediaries between the divine and humanity. Sometimes they are doing good works, other times they herald good news or are simply present to watch over us. In recent weeks angelic individuals have served us and eased our passage through the shadow of the pandemic. They come in various form, delivery people, store clerks and health care professionals. This morning let’s explore the concept of angels and how nurses might be a real life manifestation of such beings.
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Pilgrimage: ‘Out There’ and Within

We UUs are ̶ by inclination and intention ̶ seekers. We seek knowledge and we seek insight. Sometimes intentional travel is our pathway and sometimes we journey within. Let’s travel together. Welcome Dennis back with us this Sunday!

Kindling Light in Dark Times

In this dark season and in these dark times in our country, we need more than ever to seek and to find the sustaining and inspiring light of new possibilities to guide us on our way forward. Let us celebrate in ritual, in song, and in story the powerful message of hope, love, joy, and peace that the Christmas story offers to us all. Dennis is a retired UU minister coming to visit us from Eugene.