Rev. Katie Larsell

Evolving Compassion

Our popular pulpit guest will look at the age-old dialog between science and religion in the light of new behavioral and brain science, on this Evolution weekend.

The Opposite of Loneliness

How important is belonging as a feeling? It’s more important than we realize. The feeling of belonging intertwines with our status, feelings and purpose. It sits at the heart of what we think we can achieve. Where do you belong, and how does that belonging affect your life?
Children’s RE Program today.

Oregon, My Oregon

We live in a paradise. Our state is famous for its beauty and its liberal politics. We’ve got it great!…or do we? Where did we get our liberal reputation and do we live up to it? Katie is executive director of Oregon Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice, and believes that social justice and Unitarian Universalism are made for each other. Welcome her back with us this morning!
Children’s RE program is available today.