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Dew Drop World

Rev. Dennis Reynolds

Buddhist poet Gary Snyder advises that “This dew drop world is but, a dew drop world / and yet …”  Life is indeed impermanent and ever changing, the skies are alternately filled with sunshine and smoke. The election, on the horizon, offers either a refreshing renewal or fear filled retrenchment, Our hearts and minds move between hope and fear and yet … Let’s explore how we might best find practices and attitudes that ground us in perilous times. 

Zoom Live Stream During Covid-19 Temporary Closure

Our building is closed during the Covid-19 pandemic so we’re live streaming our Sunday services via Zoom. Zoom Meeting ID: 176 735 758
We have begun careful, limited reopening of our Sunday service to those who cannot Zoom. We're requiring several safety measures to participate. Further information may be found here: More information