Travel as a Spiritual Act

When we plan time for a vacation, having amazing experiences is what we cherish most. Join me (virtually) traveling across the globe as we contemplate the rich experiences of spending time with people in other countries, enjoying their food and culture, learning a bit of their language and understanding their art, soaking it all up while creating amazing memories. This is travel as a spiritual act, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

The End of Empathy…and How to Get it Back

Research suggests a decline in empathy in American society. Our pulpit guest considers what this means, and the interesting role that faith can play—both in losing and re-gaining empathy for others. He serves as a dean at Lane Community College.

Cultural Agility

How does it help us navigate these challenging times? Come join us as we take a look at what cultural agility is, and why we need it. Many feel at a loss as to how one person can make a difference when we face big questions like the ones this nation is currently tackling. Bring your curiosity and a peaceful mind. Let us be the change we wish to see!

The I CHING– the Chinese Book of Changes

Can an ancient book of divination yield insights that may serve us in these rapidly changing times? I will explore how this great culture became literate and wove its sciences and arts into a coherent belief system. And I’ll posit my question and see what answer arises.

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