Immigration to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

Rev. Patt Herdklotz reviews some history of immigration in the USA, looks at current policies, and how Unitarian Universalism calls people of compassionate faith to respond. Who may emigrate?…stay?…naturalize? …become citizens? How may we participate in the choices? Patt is a retired UU parish minister and hospice chaplain who loves to sing. She and her husband, Kim Yasutake, live in Ashland; they cherish two daughters and a granddaughter.
(Team One)

Palm Sunday

Anton and Laura provide a refreshed viewpoint on the biblical Palm Sunday story, a way for modern spiritual travelers to reconsider sacred covenant and sacred sovereignty. Their talk will be supported with special music and the service will be followed by a concert at noon.
Outreach Offering to Homeless Teen Backpack Project.
(Team Two)

Paradise is a Garden

From the Persian oasis, the Italian walled gardens, expansive green lawns and now when we invite the bees to our gardens and include nearby native plants, our relationship with nature has always been entwined with our views of spirituality. We’ll explore this trip through the history of landscaping followed by a flower communion. Bring flowers and greenery from your garden to share and we’ll celebrate spring’s colorful abundance. Please wear your fancy Easter bonnet!
(Team Three)