Dew Drop World

Buddhist poet Gary Snyder advises that “This dew drop world is but, a dew drop world / and yet …”  Life is indeed impermanent and ever changing, the skies are alternately filled with sunshine and smoke. The election, on the horizon, offers either a refreshing renewal or fear filled retrenchment, Our hearts and minds move between hope and fear and yet … Let’s explore how we might best find practices and attitudes that ground us in perilous times. 

Reasons for Hope

The only thing we can predict about Election Day 2020 is that it will be unpredictable.  There are plenty of reasons to worry, and plenty of reasons to hope.  What are our spiritual resources at this time, as individuals, families, and communities?  What are some of the sources of resilience and renewal of our country?  Rev. Stephen Landale, hospice chaplain from Eugene, will lead this exploration.

Giving Thanks for the Beloved Community

This morning we will hear from folks in our community who do the work to make UUGP possible. We will have an opportunity to hear what lights up our volunteers about their service to this beloved community, and express our gratitude for all they do.

Fanning the Flames of Thanks-Giving

Zen Buddhist Lay Minister and writer Dr. Nancy Diamante Bonazzoli will share her experience of how profound loss (including the complete loss of her home in the recent Almeda Fire) may not only provide an opportunity for spiritual growth, but may also enrich an already profound daily practice of gratitude. She will share some of her published poetry, and will welcome questions. 

The Sanctity of Sex-Ed

Unitarian Universalists are pioneers in comprehensive sexuality education, offering “Our Whole Lives” classes that flip shame-based messages about “sex ed” upside-down. Our religion teaches that our bodies are good, science is real, and all people are equally deserving of love and respect. We can all be loud and proud to carry that faith with us in our work for justice.

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