Gandhian Nonviolence: A Way of Life

Rev. Landale will explore the precepts of satyagraha (truth-force or soul-force) and ahimsa (nonviolence) as a way of life, in all aspects of our lives.

Active Love and Anthropocene Angst (zoom)

That humans are having major impacts on the planet is now quite clear, and some of those impacts may be evident millions of years from now. Are we a cancer on the biosphere, a plague? Would it be better if we had remained blissfully in the stone age? Our angst about such matters may be no more helpful to building sustainable systems than is white guilt in forging racial justice. Guilt about environmental destruction won’t help build a sustainable society, but active love might, the kind of love we have for our teenagers when they’re especially annoying. JD Stillwater somehow relates all of this to romantic relationships, beautiful sunsets, and Joni Mitchell.

Democracy Is Not a Spectator Sport

The League of Women Voters of the Rogue Valley faces a busy 2024.  We walk a fine line between being a non-partisan voter education service, yet advocating for issues which our members have studied and discussed.   After a brief history of the Rogue Valley League, we will identify the local issues the 2024 election year will address.  The League stays out of candidate recommendations, but we do ask questions—because “Democracy is not a Spectator Sport.”

A Newspaper Reality Check (zoom)

Small-town newspapers have never faced greater challenges than they do today. But they’ve also never been more important for their reporting on community news that would otherwise go uncovered.

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