April 30th Craft and Plant Sale

Please come out and support your fellow UU members and UUGP by visiting our Craft and Plant Sale 9:00am -2:00pm

Visiting our Craft and Plant Sale and buying a few items is a great way to support UUGP and to show your appreciation for your fellow members who have put a lot of effort into this sale. All proceeds benefit UUGP.

Sharing our Craft and Plant Sale poster is a great way to drum up sales and interest our friends and neighbors in all the wonderful things we do.

The Happy Crafters have been busy sewing, knitting, painting, and weaving in preparation for this event.

Gardeners have been busy planting and potting houseplants, herbs, flowers and vegetable bedding plants. Please consider donating plants for resale.

Please support UUGP and our Happy Crafters

by coming down on April 30th and buying some nice gifts and plants.