An End to Slavery, but was it the Beginning to Freedom? (ZOOM)

June 19, 1865, or “Juneteenth,” is the oldest nationally recognized commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States when news of emancipation reached Galveston, TX.Although the Emancipation Proclamation was made effective in 1863, it could not be implemented in places still under Confederate control. In June 2023, more than 158 years after emancipation, people of faith and humanity may want to have a conversation, a truly non-political, nonjudgmental conversation, about how far we’ve come in our journey to true love, humanity and justice for all people. Perhaps this will be a true celebration of “Juneteenth.”

Challenge Your Dark Secret

Too many people are dissatisfied with their lives but cannot make positive changes for various reasons. Gary Eby will explain what can keep us stuck and how we can rise above it to become all we are meant to be— free and unlimited. He will also focus on four steps to overcome many forms of adversity based on his work with veterans in the VA hospital system. After his talk, he will be available for book signings and a short demonstration of a support group process he calls “Positive Life Changes.”

3000-year-old Solutions to Modern Problems (ZOOM)

Indigenous Peoples leveraged immense influence on their surrounding lands, fires, and waters in ways that could heal our planet today. Lyla June will share her research on the ways in which pre-colonial Indigenous Nations gardened large regions of Turtle Island (aka the Americas) to produce abundant food systems for humans and non-humans. The success of these systems is believed to be due to their underlying value system of respect, reverence, responsibility and reciprocity.

Field Notes From the SOUUP Bowl (ZOOM, 11:00 am, in person at RVUUF)

We started our journey, “Hitting the Ground Running ” but we slowed down enough to ask, “What Are We Growing?”. Winter started to thaw. We wanted to know, “Are We There Yet?”. As we come to the end of our time together, it seems fitting to offer “Field Notes From the SOUUP Bowl”: An honest sharing of what I have learned, what I hope I have left and offer some ideas on the future.

Inclusive Love

Often the journey towards being the person we want to be, begins with unpacking baggage we have accumulated along the way. We are all taught things that we need to unlearn to truly have an open mind. Are all encouraged to accept as normal cultural constructs that do not serve us well? We each have our stories of our own journey and sharing them can offer guideposts for all.

Aikido as a Way of Finding Balance and Connection

Come explore how Aikido as an engagement with “the interconnected web of all existence.”Aikido, known as the peaceful martial art, is a practice of balance and connection. On the personal level we practice connecting with ourselves and the earth. On the interpersonal level we want to be in connection and harmony with our partner/attacker. Rather than fighting or resisting we transform conflict into connection. On the larger scale we strive to be connected to nature and in balance with the universe.

Manifesting Liberation-To be UU in this moment (Zoom)

April is a magical month filled with spiritual awe and wonder.  The month of April is filled with Spiritual Wonder. Join me as I explore what it means to be Unitarian Universalist during these sacred and holy times.

How do we reverse climate change?

We all know that climate crisis is real and drastically pressing. You must be already doing many things to counter these challenges. That’s your green practice. What can we do beyond that? One immediate thing to do is to plant more trees. Kazuaki Tanahashi will share his experience of working with Brazilian friends to ask indigenous people to plant trees in Amazon Rainforest as an example of action that can be taken by ordinary citizens.

Rolling Back the Stone of Forgiveness

Forgiveness can feel as immovable as the stone at Jesus’ tomb, but he moved it anyway. Come, let’s celebrate the return of Jesus and reflect on what we need to move stones of forgiveness in our lives.

Grants Pass Habitat for Humanity

The vision of the Grants Pass area Habitat for Humanity is to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Since 1993, they have built 23 affordable homes in partnership with families and community members in our area. Carter will talk about his experience with Habitat and opportunities to get involved.