Community Sharing

Our service will explore the wonder of song, music, and poetry in the enrichment of our everyday lives and spirituality. Several members and friends of the congregation will be offering poetry and sharing their musical talent for our enjoyment, meditation and inspiration. Let us know what your favorite hymns are and they just might be included in the service! Please let Susan Barrett or Barbara Moore know if you would also like to join in the music-making and poetry reading for this service. All are welcome to participate!

Compassionate Communities: Death Literacy and Embracing Mortality

Angela will share a vision of the Compassionate Communities Model of Care — empowering community members to be active participants in caring for one another during times of illness, loss and grief. Drawing upon her experience as a death midwife, she will share how embracing mortality can lead to more conscious living. She will introduce a local volunteer program, Compassionate Presence Project, that provides practical and emotional support for community members experiencing loneliness, isolation and emotional distress due to the impacts of living with serious, chronic illnesses.

Infinite and Unchangeable Love: Why We Need Universalism Now (zoom)

After making it through the worst of the COVID pandemic and current tensions worldwide, we all could use a little more love right now. Join us as we explore four (4) of the many kinds of love that exist and how we can bring more love into our lives and those around us.

We invite you to bring photos or other remembrance of your veteran family members and relatives, past or present, to share on a Memorial Day remembrance table. Our service will be one of honoring and remembering our veterans. We will look back at the wars we have participated in, both those we are proud of and those we have ambivalence or regrets about. Who will be tomorrow’s veterans?

The Greatest Intergenerational Challenge: End Poverty in all its Forms

Alec Lamoreaux is the Operations Manager for the Northwest Seasonal Workers Association, an independent membership association of workers in the seasonal industries of agriculture, timber and tourism which has been active in Jackson County since 1976. Alec will talk about the emerging work of NSWA in Josephine County, and ways that we can get involved.

The Stories They Told Me: Remembering Our Ancestor

Our ancestors’ tales are not mere words on pages or faded memories, but living narratives that continue to shape our identities, beliefs, and destinies. These stories are more than just historical accounts; they are the threads that weave the tapestry of our existence. Join us as we discover the timeless truths that bind us to our ancestors and to each other.

Forest Justice is Climate Justice

Travel through time to find out what ancient forests have become and how they help regulate Earth’s Climate. How will we preserve their qualities in our modern age so they can accomplish their important attributes? Forest Justice seeks answers to the questions of moral rightness and justice for all living things as we explore the future of our world.

Our Loving Faith Around the World

Reverend Reynolds spent time this winter with family and friends in South Africa and was immersed in a very different cultural and political milieu that offered opportunities to reflect on how differences and commonalities exist across cultures. Shared values, universal feeling and longings are expressed around the world, and deeply held common values help to inspire action. Let’s explore how a love centered faith can both inspire and sustain us, and how such a faith expresses itself globally as justice seeking.