What Are We Growing?

The UU World is all abuzz with the 8th principle and Article II Study Commission, What does all of this mean? What do the principles mean to our faith? What would it mean to adopt the 8th principle or the Article II Study Commission? Join QuianaDenae and SOUUP for a garden walk to consider, What Are We Growing? (Note: this service will be livestreamed via YouTube)

We Stand in Your Shadow (Zoom)

November is a hard month, with a great deal of cultural and emotional energy in the air. Pastor QuianaDenae will be holding the contrast of Native American Heritage Month alongside the celebration of Thanksgiving. November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance, such a tender time. How do we hold all this? How do we live our faith in authentic ways? In this service, Pastor QuianaDenae will discuss how she is navigating this complexity and offering some ways to collectively move forward. 

For the Beauty of the Earth

The natural world delights our senses, feeds our spirits, and inspires our care. Sustainable Rogue Valley members will share personal stories about caring for the earth as spiritual practice.

The Circles Around Us – Making Room for Community (Zoom)

As Unitarian Universalists we thrive through the connections found within our beloved communities. How often though are we willing to stretch into new welcoming space? What will it take to draw new and bigger circles that expand our welcome to diverse communities? Join us, as we examine the expansion of the circles of beloved community.

When the Spirit Hits! (Zoom)

This is a special time of year. We are celebrating the harvest of Fall while also preparing for the reality of Winter. This reflection will ask, what are we harvesting? What are we preserving? What are we letting go of? How will we respond when the spirit of faith, social justice, and community care hits? 

This Is Not My Beautiful House (Zoom)

One of our culture’s foundational myths is about ownership, security, and permanence. JD offers a bit of science, some personal experiences, and a Talking Heads song as puzzle pieces toward a new, more vulnerable humility.

Why Church?

This summer, Rev. Dennis and his wife Suzanne attended the annual General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association (GA) held in Portland. At GA, he was reminded, in hallway conversations, in workshops, and in worship, why he is proud to be part of this unique faith tradition. At one worship service the question of “why go to church” was lifted up. This morning let us all ask ourselves that question and look into our minds and heart and souls to deeply ponder how this faith serves us and how we might serve it.

Rogue Valley Veterans Eagle Staff and Community

The Eagle Staff is a tradition rich in spirituality and symbolism. Each element of the staff has its own meaning and each feather its own story.  The story of the Rogue Valley Veterans Eagle Staff is unique to our local area and a memorial for many of our local community members. 

Coming Full Circle (Zoom)

Pastor QuianaDenae will share her coming-out story and many of the lessons she learned since coming out as Black Queer Woman. QuianaDenae’s sharing will attempt to look back and look ahead at this unique moment in time.