Chas Rogers

This I Believe

UUGP member Chas Rogers will share his personal story about growing up in a Christian family while experiencing the natural world through camping and hiking. Chas discovered the Science of Geology in college, which studies deep time and the evolution of Earth and provides answers to where humans fit in the history of our world.

Ancient Hominids to Modern Mankind

What lead to the advent of mankind and how did we become who we are today? Follow the trail of the ancient Hominids to ourselves and the clues to why we are the only genus Homo present today.
Outreach donations will aid Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon.
Nonperishable foods are collected for the Food Bank.

Rain Gardens and Bioswales

We celebrate Earth Day with Chas Rogers, who will present a slide show on Rain Gardens and will share our Sustainability group’s Bioswale project at RCC.

Our 4th Sunday special offering aids our Homeless Teen Backpack Project.