Fred Keip

Suddenly One Summer

There are moments in life when a curtain seems to be drawn aside, revealing the essence of that on which our attention is focused at the time. As such a moment did for me, they can reveal truths that our everyday awareness mostly does not perceive.

Getting Even

Our history, art, literature and lore abound with tales of vengeance. Some folk music and folk tales seem to describe feuds as a way of life, but some ancient writings warn against acts of vengeance or even thinking vengeful thoughts and harboring vengeful feelings. Let’s “get even.”
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Children of the Universe

It happened in the Lac du Flambeau region of northern Wisconsin one evening after a hike through virgin forest and a night spent camping on the shore of the Flambeau River and it changed my self-image forever.
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Children’s RE Today

Green Sky at Morning

A real life allegory about human elves living and building in a forest can help us broaden our thinking about environmental responsibility and how we each choose to live responsibly on this, our amazing world.

When Gratitude is Hard to Find

Thanksgiving can be a time of joyous celebration, rich sharing with friends and family, warm and cozy after a sumptuous feast. But what does one do when things go awry? I’ll tell a story and invite yours.
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The Berth of God

Growing up in a Lutheran family, I assumed from what I heard about God from adults that I could ask “Him” for anything and there was a good chance I’d get it. I’ll tell you my frequent prayer as a child and I’ll trace the origin and growth of God and where we might go from here.
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This I Believe – finding my way through the forest of life

Fred Keip will use the “This I Believe” design by Rev. Sarah Schurr (of our Pacific Western Region staff), posing Big Questions that invite thinking about how I live my life and how I know what I know. We envision a series, inviting many of us, to explore and share their faith journeys.