Jerry Reed

Humanist views that could better serve to resolve today’s problems

Historically, all civilizations have evolved their own cultural views for managing community concerns, which were reflected in their religions or accepted philosophies. As these views changed their laws and institutions changed, often only after great struggles, hardships, or even revolutions. Today, we have culturally accepted views that may be due for changing which might help us transition to better serving our human (and natural) communities.

Fixing Our Health Care System

Nine years after "Obamacare" became law many millions remain uninsured and many more millions underinsured and highly at risk. Jerry will discuss what is wrong with our ‘system’, various proposals for fixing it, movements for and against truly improving healthcare in the USA – and how we can help.
Non-perishable items are invited for the Food Bank. (Team 4)

This I Believe

Jerry will discuss how his humanist values and beliefs guide his daily life and interaction with family, friends and the greater community. He will explain his commitment to working for greater peace, justice and a better life for all.
Children’s RE program today.
Outreach donations today aid the Maslow Project, and nonperishable grocery items are collected for the Food Bank.