Pastor QuianaDenae Perkins

Field Notes From the SOUUP Bowl (ZOOM, 11:00 am, in person at RVUUF)

We started our journey, “Hitting the Ground Running ” but we slowed down enough to ask, “What Are We Growing?”. Winter started to thaw. We wanted to know, “Are We There Yet?”. As we come to the end of our time together, it seems fitting to offer “Field Notes From the SOUUP Bowl”: An honest sharing of what I have learned, what I hope I have left and offer some ideas on the future.

Manifesting Liberation-To be UU in this moment (Zoom)

April is a magical month filled with spiritual awe and wonder.  The month of April is filled with Spiritual Wonder. Join me as I explore what it means to be Unitarian Universalist during these sacred and holy times.

Manifesting Liberation- Women’s History Month (Zoom)

Women’s identity sits at the intersection of gender, race, class, resource and accessibility. The history of Women in UU is not immune to the impact of those intersections. This reflection will explore the complexity of being a woman in a liberal faith. 

Are We There Yet?

Start time 11:00, may also be accessed through RVUUF Youtube live stream)
A very nuanced question for a covenant-based faith built to be expansive, living, and adaptable. What are our shared goals? How will we know we have arrived… in the liberal world we aspire to create? When will we know that work of collective liberation is done? What does it mean if we never arrive? This service will explore what it means to arrive in the shifting intersections of faith, fellowship, and freedom.

Manifesting Liberation- Black History Month (Zoom)

UU is a living tradition that thrives on being in conversation with itself; aspiring to be present, active, and alive in the NOW of our humanity. As we celebrate Black History Month, let’s explore UU Black History and just as importantly, how we can manifest our collective liberation through the lens of Black Liberation.