Ray Dinkins

Victim Services in a time of Public Safety Funding Challenges

How does public safety funding affect victims of domestic and sexual violence? What is WCST doing to maintain a community level response in cases of domestic violence during times of public safety funding uncertainty? What separates WCST victim services from other similar services in our community? WCST Executive Director Ray Dinkins shares the significance of WCST services, the difficulties in achieving safety for survivors in times of funding uncertainty, and how WCST is leading efforts to ensure a community level response to support victims and hold offenders accountable.

Women’s Crisis Support Team: Intimate Partner Violence as a Social Justice Issue

Domestic violence is not just an individual or even a family issue, but a problem that has the capacity to have negative consequences on communities and society as a whole. Ray Dinkins will share motivational stories and meaningful ways to engage individually and communally in ending intimate partner violence in our community.