Rev. Abigail Clauhs

Growing Hope

Rev. Abigail Clauhs returns to our pulpit with her message, “Growing Hope” In times that can feel apocalyptic, where do we find the thread of hope? What are the stories (from the sacred to the solarpunk) that can sustain us to go on?

The Story We Are Weaving

What do the stories of pandemics and disasters of the past—and particularly those of our own Unitarian Universalist ancestors—have to tell us about our current moment? What story to we want to be a part of creating, now, in this historic time? Our pulpit guest is a UU minister and healthcare chaplain in Portland.

Broken Open

As we reach the anniversary of the first pandemic emergency orders here in Oregon, we honor the heartbreaking grief, loss, trauma and injustice our communities have seen over the past year—and to consider where we will go from here, and how our living faith will guide us. Rev. Abigail Clauhs is an ordained UU minister and board-certified chaplain, serving in palliative care, as well as social justice work in the Portland Interfaith Clergy Resistance.