Rev. Byron Carrier

Fake Truth

Any people who don’t welcome thought in pursuing truth robs others of their birthright – sovereign thinking and interdependent heartfulness: The free and responsible search for truth and meaning (our 4th UU principle) calls us to test what we want to believe by what we know to be true.

Earth Eden: Love It or Lose It

More important than the myth of Eden is the actual Life on Earth it refers to. Only recently have we learned how old Earth is, how slowly life evolved, how interdependent and vulnerable it is. Outreach offering aids our homeless teen backpack program.
(Team One)

Be In It

When clients, all full of turmoil, would come to my guru friend and Jungian therapist mentor, Dr. Vasavada, he would gently urge them to “Be in it.” Our self is so much more creative and whole than our desires, fears and reactions. I’ll draw on Why Buddhism is True, Radical Honesty, and “Headwinds and Tailwinds” to help us live up to our UU Principles, and moreover, to our fuller selves.
Outreach Offering is for the Food Bank collected by the Women’s Roundtable.

I Believe in Good

This slogan from the American Humanists fits our religion just fine. I’ll affirm the Humanist aspect of our evolving religion, along with the Naturalist, Deist, and Christian.
Outreach offering benefits the Homeless Teen Backpack.

The Upward Trail: Arriving Here

Following Saturday’s community open house and evening celebration, this morning Revs. Byron Carrier, Fred and Margaret Keip trace the journey that brought Unitarian Universalists here in Grants Pass to this landmark achievement: a full time fellowship home all our own.