Rev. Katie Larsell

Love 2.0

There are a million messages about the importance of love in popular songs, movies/T.V. and woven into our wisdom traditions. We all agree that love is the answer, and all we need is love. However, what does science say about love? Some of the answers explain why the COVID-19 pandemic has been so hard on us and what we can do about it. Elements of the service will be dedicated to recognizing and celebrating Juneteenth.

The Trees

When we walk through a forest we sense that trees are sacred. For most of us, it’s an intuition based on how we feel in their presence: calm, humbled, and awed by their beauty. However – scientists are discovering so many wonderful and mysterious facts about trees that confirm and explain their sacred dimensions. We knew it all along; now we can start to answer why.


What is your feminist history? No matter your generation – boomer, Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z – each has a story to tell. It’s surprising how much progress we have made in women’s rights – and how much more we have to go. Katie is a UU community minister with the Eastrose Fellowship in Gresham, OR.


Rev. Katie Larsell will uplift EASTER with us via Zoom.
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That Shiver of Awe

One of the questions routinely asked in Science Fiction is “what is the difference between a robot and a human being?” One answer is that humans experience ‘awe’ and robots do not. This sermon explores the spiritual emotion of awe, which connects us to big truths about life and our place in it. Our popular pulpit guest is a community minister with Eastrose Fellowship Unitarian Universalists in Gresham, Oregon.

Finding Wisdom

Old sources of wisdom were the elders of one’s community, lessons from observing the natural world and a few important texts. Katie returns to our pulpit with a provocative question: Where do we find wisdom now?
Children’s RE Today

Spiritual Imagination

We humans are full of surprises and capabilities. Did you know you could use your imagination to increase your kindness, your empathy, and frankly, your very own happiness? This service is about using your spiritual imagination to increase your connection to meaning and the sacred.
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Evolving Compassion

Postponed from February by snow in the passes, Katie will connect the age-old dialog between science and religion with new behavioral and brain science. We we warmly welcome her back with us.

Evolving Compassion

Our popular pulpit guest will look at the age-old dialog between science and religion in the light of new behavioral and brain science, on this Evolution weekend.

The Opposite of Loneliness

How important is belonging as a feeling? It’s more important than we realize. The feeling of belonging intertwines with our status, feelings and purpose. It sits at the heart of what we think we can achieve. Where do you belong, and how does that belonging affect your life?
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