David Keip

Aikido as a Way of Finding Balance and Connection

Come explore how Aikido as an engagement with “the interconnected web of all existence.”Aikido, known as the peaceful martial art, is a practice of balance and connection. On the personal level we practice connecting with ourselves and the earth. On the interpersonal level we want to be in connection and harmony with our partner/attacker. Rather than fighting or resisting we transform conflict into connection. On the larger scale we strive to be connected to nature and in balance with the universe.

Re-Visioning Masculinity

He will offer an overview of the “Men’s Movement” from the late 1980s to present and share how it has impacted his life for the better. We will ponder how our society’s restrictive stories on what it is to be a man shape young men and how we might re-vision those stories.
Outreach Offering will be collected for the Homeless Teen Backpack Project.

Who Are We Now?

Change alters our sense of identity. “I thought I was X. Now who am I?” As a congregation we’ve just moved from a “Nomadic” life to a permanent home, following other challenging, shape-shifting changes in the last few years. Let’s take a closer look together at what’s changed, who we are now, and who we aspire to be.
On first Sundays we collect non-perishable foods for the Josephine County Food Bank thanks to our Women’s Round Table group