Dorothy Swain

I am Large, I Contain Multitudes

Dorothy will share her thoughts on Walt Whitman, both the poet and the man. Whitman’s unique legacy of thought and language, combined with his democratic outlook and acts of service to others, holds special meaning for those of us trying to hold onto mystery, hope, generosity and inclusiveness in these modern times.
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Children’s RE Today

Blessed Thorn

Fulfilling the derivation of his name, Benedict Spinoza was a 17th century thorn in the side of the religious heritage he rejected, and blessed thereafter by those who cherish intellectual freedom. Dorothy will reflect on his legacy.
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The Evolution of Scientific Thought

Science is attacked by some for being dry, soulless and reductionistic. It is heralded by others as being the only method of uncovering objective truth. Still others see science as one of many stories we tell ourselves about the world, no better or worse than any other story. We’ll explore the evolution of scientific thought. Perhaps the journey will take us somewhere unexpected.