Margaret Keip

If I Were God Would I Have Made the World This Way?

Albert Einstein would test a new theory by asking himself this question. It’s an engaging exercise in personal theology if you spin it out a while–as Marge will do, in a message with a traumatic history for such times as now.
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The Mud and Dirt of Things

With life burgeoning around us, and ourselves star dust within it, we’ll sing earth songs, and think big thoughts and muse on the fond fallacy that we can really throw things away.
(Team Four)

People Magic

Let’s dive into the empowerment and possibility that Dr. Roger Howe perceived in our UU principles when he visited our pulpit 4 weeks ago. Margaret Keip offers a way to practice, guaranteed to
transform relationships.

Gifts and Giving

The profound truth hidden in plain sight in a profoundly-simple four letter word. Today’s Special Offering goes to Gospel Rescue Mission