Rev. Summer Albayati

Covenant: A Pathway to Transforming Our World (zoom)

We encounter it on the news.  We may discuss all of the suffering we witness at coffee hour.  We may feel hopeless and helpless, but what if there was something we could do to help our world?  At such a difficult time in world history, how can the concept of “covenant” help us to find a new way towards transformation – within and without? 

Embodied Healing Rituals: Sufi Islam’s Pathway to Peace and Love (Zoom)

Experts tell us that we are in liminal times and experiencing collective trauma that yearns to be healed. What can we learn from the Sufi Islamic embodiment rituals practiced to bring more healing into our own lives and communities? How can embracing embodied healing help heal and lead us to collective salvation, freedom, peace and love? Please join us as we welcome the Rev. Summer Albayati, our primary contact from the Pacific Western Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association and let us explore the answers in a spirit of love.

Liminality: Learning to Embrace Patience and Faith in the Betwixt and Between

Our pulpit guest is our new primary contact with the Pacific Western Region, and a UU Muslim of Iraqi descent. “Some of us live in liminal spaces and navigate them beautifully; for others, it is scary and anxiety producing. Patience and faith can carry us through the betwixt and between.”